A-z Entry Level Financial Planning Jobs

Accounting is practically a recession-proof field, considering every business needs accountants to record and analyze financial data, among other things. Online classes are easy to find with so many people pursuing careers in accounting. The flexibility of online classes is great for those with hectic schedules that are constantly changing, and a logical choice for anyone with no transportation. While taking courses online sounds appealing, one should consider many things before enrolling.

QUESTION: How do I get a job as an assistant to a financial analyst? (or any entry level position leading to that)?
I have a BA in psychology (graduated in 2007) and very much want to be a financial analyst. I plan to do the CFA (will start level one as soon as I have the money). In the mean time, how should I go about breaking into the field? I don't even know where to begin applying. I am willing to start at the bottom and take any entry level position that can lead me to becoming a financial / security analyst. How do I go about gaining contacts in this industry and getting that interview? I don't exactly see postings for this kind of job online… does anyone have any insider advice they can give me? I really appreciate any help you can offer

  • You are in competition with people with business administration degrees, both bachelors and masters levels. Psych has nothing to do with financial analysis, you probably don't have the math, the accounting, the financial stuff. Jobs are scarce, tens of thousands of financial people laid off, and competition is extreme. Knowing the competition is extreme and you are probably trailing the pack, if you really want this, there are 2 things you absolutely must do. Head for the library! Study everything you can find on finance, financial analysis, the markets, etc. And you must read "What Color Is Your Parachute?" Your librarian knows that book well! It's the real job-hunter's bible. Networking!

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